Distinctly Different Benefits of the Esso fleetcard
Distinctly Different Benefits of the Esso fleetcard
By Stefania | Sep 12, 2018 in
  • Product Quality:
    • Esso Synergy fuels – more additives for fuel savings and engine lifetime
    • Mobil Oil lubricants – the industry leader for maximum engine protection
  • Technology & Security:
    • Mobile Application – allows drivers improved security, an ease and friendly of use network tool for the nearest fuel station locator while driving and to generate information on usage or other historical transaction data
    • Online Portal – 24/7 support through a fully secured Online Esso Management Portal that allows you to maintain full control over your fleet
  • Service & Support:
    • Ongoing customer service and support
    • Dedicated Αccount Μanager (The Fuel Champion)
  • Active Guidance - Optimizing Fleet management efficiency:  
    • Fleet Card Policy – implementing processes & setting up new standards
    • Fuel expenditure reduction program