Connected Technology & Security for your fleet
Connected Technology & Security for your fleet
By Stefania | Nov 14, 2018 in

Fraud exposure, security and technology are matters of top priority for most operation managers. Here is a brief checklist for applying connected technology and security for your fleet: 

Applying Connected Technology & Security

  • Mobile App & GPS solutions – Improved security and fraud protection, fuel station locator and historical transactions
    • Apply mobile app technology for improved monitor and control
    • Apply GPS technology to protect the security of your vehicle and the safety of your drivers by monitoring driver behavior, designing custom safety training and locating vehicles in real time


  • Integration through safety technologies
    • Use technology to fine tune your safety program to measure progress and to prioritize needs for even greater improvements
    • Leverage on data and other analytics to increase your safety programs’ effectiveness


  • Online Portal
    • Take advantage of State of the art software enabling 24/7 monitoring and detailed reporting analysis
    • Compile and analyze useful data to increase the safety driving of your fleet and to make more informed decisions
    • Use data analysis to help identify key problem areas that can make the biggest impact in your business
    • Use the power of reporting to raise monitor and control over fuel efficiency and fleet management